Welcome to the Kansas Analytical Services Website.  KAS was established in Lawrence, KS in 2006 by Dr. Eric Munson and Dr. John Heinrich.  Dr. Munson was at that time a professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Kansas and very familiar with the unique advantages provided by solid state NMR in the characterization of pharmaceutical compounds.   Dr. Munson and Dr. Heinrich both recognized the value of providing this service to the pharmaceutical industry and established KAS in a facility near the Kansas campus.  In 2013 KAS relocated to Colorado to be closer to Revolution NMR, a partner company that provides probes, components and repair services to KAS.  To maintain the name recognition that KAS has established among its clients, the name was retained.

Over the past 11 years, KAS has become a leading supplier of solid state NMR analytical services to the pharmaceutical industry. We provide an essential link between the pharmaceutical development process and the finished drug. Solid state NMR offers answers to important questions such as the type and quantity of a particular crystalline form present, the presence of amorphous material in a formulation, and predicting the stability of pharmaceutical compounds. These variables impact important parameters such as bioavailability and manufacturing processes and often cannot be measured by any other technique.

We offer world-class technical expertise, state-of-the-art analytical capability, and unique instrument technology for pharmaceutical analysis. KAS has completed more than 100 analysis projects for more than 40 clients.  Please contact us at inquiry@kansas-analytical.com  or at (970) 472-0613 to discuss your requirements.